22 project areas to develop over 7 years

Initially planned for 5 years, a 2-year extension has been granted by the Executive Committee to mainly finalize the collaborative projects by June 2025, based on the initial funding.

The results of the Impact Study conducted by the Niska Cooperative had demonstrated the full relevance of the work accomplished while highlighting the road ahead in order to achieve the goal of transforming the care and services provided to children and families.

Assisted by the IDMRS consulting firm, the founding establishments updated their strategic plan to reflect this extension.

3 new main focuses

Making daily life easier for patients by supporting professionals and empowering families

Enable continuity of care and support patient’s access to personalized services adapted to their needs

Promote collaboration for the benefit of the patient and become an exportable model of cooperation

6 new objectives

Involve families in discussions aimed at improving their care experience

Support professionals to ensure seamless and comprehensive care for patients and their families

Mobilize collaborators to become ambassadors and extend the Initiative’s reach

Support communication and the sharing of knowledge and expertise for the benefit of patient

Encourage inter-institutional collaborative activities that lead to efficiency gains

Encourage the emergence and sharing of innovative practices among professionals