20 project areas to develop over 7 years

Initially thought to be for 5 years, a 2-year extension was granted by the Executive Committee. The results of the Impact Study conducted by the Niska Cooperative demonstrated the full relevance of the work accomplished while highlighting the road ahead in order to achieve the goal of transforming the care and services provided to children and families.

The Initiative will be extended to 2025 to complete the collaborative projects and finalize the initial funding, and the founding institutions are moving to update the current Strategic Plan.

3 main focuses

Simplify the daily lives of patients and their families by providing direct support and by involving them in discussions aimed at improving their living conditions.

Provide patients with access to individualized care and services adapted to their needs by providing the best possible care and services.

Enable the creation of innovative practices at the service of the patient, forging the care and services of tomorrow and becoming an exportable model of collaboration for other types of patients and their families.

7 objectives

Provide direct support to patients and their families.

Promote the participation of families in decisions that relate to care processes.

Guide the patients and their families toward the appropriate care and services.

Provide access to sophisticated equipment and infrastructure for patients and families to ensure better care and rehabilitation.

Ease the transfer of research innovations to clinics to the benefit of patients.

Leverage the knowledge of professionals who will be treating the next generation of patients.

Facilitate inter-institutional collaboration and dialogue for the benefit of patients, across the Initiative and beyond.