The quality of the care and services offered to patients depends in part on the advancement of knowledge and its alignment with patient needs. Several of the Initiative’s projects are therefore aimed at supporting professionals in the continuous improvement of their surgical practices in order to provide care that is increasingly adapted to the needs of families. Ultimately, these practices will allow caregivers to personalize their approach, hence enabling patients and families to feel more supported and enjoy a more streamlined care experience. Surgery-related research and training projects are therefore being developed within MUSCO.

MUSCO Projects
Montreal Children’s Hospital

Creation of the Chair

Project leader

Jean-Pierre Farmer Surgeon-in-Chief, Montreal Children’s Hospital

The project

Fund the creation of the Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation Chair in Pediatric Surgical Education and Patient and Family Centred Care

MUSCO Strategic Goal

Leverage the knowledge of professionals who will be treating the next generation of patients

Project Objectives

  1. 1

    Educate surgical residents and surgeons

  2. 2

    Enhance educational coordination and develop initiatives to improve today’s surgical procedures

  3. 3

    Enable educational innovations and progress for tomorrow’s surgical procedures

  4. 4

    Offer better treatment for chronic physical impairments

  5. 5

    Enable visiting lecturers to develop their expertise with regard to education and simulation and gain insight into chronic physical disabilities

  6. 6

    Share the discoveries and information that emerge from the Chair with the Initiative’s four partner institutions and the Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation


Progress Report

Progress Report
Progress Report
Progress Report
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Progress Report
Progress Report
Progress Report
Dr. Sherif Emil at the Chair Announcement (Credit: McGill Med Alumni)

This McGill University Chair was established in June 2018 with the support of the university, the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation. Dr. Sherif Emil, the inaugural chairholder, has been guiding the activities developed within the Chair since he was appointed in September 2018.

Specifically, this Chair supports numerous projects and educational initiatives based on an innovative approach: patient and family centred care (PFCC). It aims to train practitioners to work with patients who have major physical disabilities.

The two focuses of the Chair are:

  • Education in pediatric surgery
  • Improvement of pediatric surgical care for children and adolescents, focusing on the needs voiced by patients and their families