Dialogue with families is an essential element in directing care and services toward the real needs of patients. In order to encourage patients and their families to become more engaged in their care experience, several MUSCO projects aim to equip them with the tools they need in order to learn about the healthcare system and its stakeholders. In addition, when they wish, families can play an active role in their own care journey through specific projects led by the Initiative. The goal of this is to ensure that families have an integrative experience that provides them with tangible opportunities and the empowerment they need to get involved if they so choose.

MUSCO Projects

Training Plan — FAMILIES Segment

Project leader

Aurélie Vigné Manager of MUSCO

The project

Coordinate training plans for partner institutions

MUSCO Strategic Goal

Leverage the knowledge of professionals who will be treating the next generation of patients.

Project Objectives

  1. 1

    Train the professionals of today and tomorrow

  2. 2

    Share information and disseminate best practices

  3. 3

    Ensure that professional resources further support knowledge transfer activities in the network


Progress Report

Progress Report
Progress Report
Progress Report
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Progress Report

Organize workshops to share experiences and provide food for thought!

These workshops aim to help healthcare professionals improve the patient experience and to strengthen their approach to take into account the feelings of patients and their families. This knowledge is essential whether in the context of a working group or in the development of a project that aims to meet families’s needs. The idea is to create a community of practice in order to capitalize and share experiences, and to feed the reflections.

Integration of Patient Resources (Workshop #1)

Date November 18 and 24, 2020
Number of participants 25

The goal of this workshop was to encourage and support the integration of Patient Resources into MUSCO working groups.

It was co-created with the Réseau Planetree Francophone, allowing MUSCO contributors (families, physicians, professionals, administrators, executives) to discuss best practices in integrating Patient Resources. The findings of these workshops led to the creation of a Practical Guide intended for the members of MUSCO working groups. This guide can also be a source of inspiration for those who wish to involve patients and their families in care discussions.

Project Evaluation With a Focus on Patient-Family Experience (upcoming) (Workshop #2)

Date February 15 and 16, 2022
Location Virtual
Number of participants 20

The second MUSCO workshop organized for the Initiative’s collaborators focused on the evaluation of projects based on the patient-family experience.

The creation of this workshop was a collaborative effort between the quality and performance departments of the partner institutions, CHU Sainte-Justine’s Bureau du Partenariat Patients-Familles-Soignants and the Niska team, which is also supporting MUSCO for the impact study. The workshop was the first opportunity for these departments to work together, and their combined expertise helped to ensure its success.

From these exchanges, a practical guide on project evaluation based on the patient-family experience was produced which, like the one from the first Workshop, is intended to be a tool for everyone, patients, families, physicians, managers, stakeholders, or any other stakeholder within the MUSCO working groups and beyond.