Impact Report Cover Page

The Report on the Impact Evaluation Process of the MUSCO Initiative, prepared by the NISKA cooperative, is now available. In response to this first evaluation step, an action plan has been developed to address the issues identified. Several actions will be implemented with the objective of maximizing the impact of MUSCO and strengthening collaboration.

Why this process?

The overall objective of this process was to measure the Initiative’s success in improving care and services. It is a milestone that allows us to report on the changes that MUSCO has already brought about for the families who have benefited from its various projects and for the institutions that have contributed to their implementation. In keeping with our continuous improvement philosophy, the results of this study are used as food for further thought and as a guide in readjusting MUSCO’s strategies as needed.

What focuses?

The impact study had a dual purpose:

Focus 1: Family well-being

Establish a collective assessment of the main outcomes of projects designed to improve the well-being of patients and families and benefit from lessons learned.

Focus 2: Collaboration

Document the progress made in partnership efforts (mobilization, collaboration, governance, etc.).


The objectives and methodology of the impact study were developed based on the Initiative’s change pathways. These pathways served as guidelines and helped identify which MUSCO activities generate change in terms of family well-being (Focus 1) and collaboration (Focus 2). 

The methodology established included focus groups and individual interviews with patients, families, physicians, professionals, foundations and administrators of the partner institutions, as well as external partners. Feedback about the changes brought about by MUSCO was sought from all stakeholders.

For the purposes of the study, an Evaluation Committee had been set up to provide input and engage stakeholders. This committee was composed of a wide and representative range of MUSCO contributors from a whole spectrum of expertise.

  • Linda Moreau, Nia’s mother, MUSCO Patient Expert
  • Stéphanie Renaud Beaudin, Nathan’s mother, MUSCO Patient Expert
  • Stefan Parent, Chief, Orthopedic Services, CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Jacques Boissonneault, Hospital Administrator, Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada
  • Cindy McCartney, Associate Director of Nursing & Women’s Health Mission, Montreal Children’s Hospital
  • Camillo Lisio, Executive Director (interim), Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation
  • Julie Letendre, Inter-establishment Navigator, MUSCO
  • Stephanie Gould, Inter-establishment Navigator, MUSCO
  • Aurélie Vigné, Manager, MUSCO
  • Solène Tanguay, Project and Communications Manager, MUSCO