Profile of the new recruits of the MUSCO team

welcome to Camille Brosseau and Katharina Bourgin!

The MUSCO team is welcoming two new recruits who are lending a hand in the development of the Initiative’s projects. Camille Brosseau has been recruited as MUSCO’s Inter-establishment Navigator (IEN), on an interim basis, to replace Julie Letendre during her maternity leave, and Katharina Bourgin has taken over from Solène Tanguay as Project and Communication Manager. They have different professional backgrounds but share the same desire to work in organizations whose mission inspires them.

Camille has always been certain that she wanted to help people in need in their life paths, which is what led her to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration. During her studies and through her professional experiences, she also discovered a great interest in the determinants of health that have an impact on the quality of life of people. Her role as a respite educator for multi-handicapped children and then as family support coordinator for the respite program at the Centre Philou fulfilled her fervent desire to build human contacts and foster collaboration.

She then had the opportunity to enrich her professional range as a Mental Health Case Manager at Dialogues Technologies, in a team of first responders navigating the health system, both private and public. She also assisted the epidemiological investigation team of the Regional Public Health Directorate as a Program Planning and Research Officer in the various settings affected by COVID-19 outbreaks. “It was a job that really made me understand the importance of adapting to the different situations that could arise,” explains Camille, “I had to develop my ability to live and work in ambiguity exponentially, but it was extremely rewarding to see the community spirit that prevailed.”

Her internship at the CHUM in the Pôle d’innovation et d’intelligence artificielle en santé will have been decisive in her understanding of patient trajectories and care pathways. The multidisciplinary collaboration with various patient partners and collaborators gave her the tools to optimize the care pathway for patients and families and led her to the IEN position at MUSCO: “For me, this position is a real match between my professional aspirations and my personal convictions. I hope to be able to help as many patients and families as possible who are going through a complex care journey,” she concludes.

You may also run into this outdoor enthusiast on a hike, as Camille is particularly fond of spending time in nature and does so whenever she has a free moment.

Katharina Bourgin joined the MUSCO team in June 2022 after several years with organizations such as the Red Cross, Leucan, Doctors of the World Canada and the Foundation of Stars. There, she was able to develop expertise in philanthropy, project management, communications and marketing, and to deepen her passion for the organization of fundraising events… and for stories of all kinds. Indeed, she particularly enjoys meeting people with different life paths and thinking of the thousand and one ways to tell their story. 

When she arrived in Montreal in 2013, Katharina had in mind to become a literature professor. It was a foray into the field of cultural organization management at HEC Montreal and a first internship and then a position at the Foundation of Stars in Communications that introduced her to the charitable world. 

“Being a professor to me is a gift of oneself and one’s knowledge, as is working in a non-profit organization where generosity is experienced on a daily basis,” she explains. “In addition, I feel that I can tell stories that are all the more touching because they are usually at the heart of what I believe is most human: empathy and listening. We are all made up of pluralities, experiences, diverse possibilities and passions.” Making these voices heard, sharing life experiences on a larger scale, thrills me. And her need to teach? She satisfies it in another way, by giving dance classes.

What she thinks of MUSCO? “So many things have been started in four years, it is a great pride to be able to say that I am joining such a promising initiative. I feel that there is still a lot to create and tell.” According to her, MUSCO is part of this line of links to be created, to rally teams around a single ambition that she particularly likes.

Join us in welcoming them to the team!