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Inter-Establishment Navigator MUSCO is an inter-institutional collaboration between CHU Sainte-Justine and its Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre, the Montreal Children’s Hospital and Shriners Hospitals for Children – Canada, to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders and requiring complex care, and their families. The synergy created by this comprehensive and collaborative Initiative … Continued

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Terms of use

Introduction Welcome to the Website of MUSCO (URL du site Web). Your use of our Website indicates your agreement with the following Terms of Use. If you do not agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms of Use, please do not access or use this Website. Intellectual property notice The MUSCO Website, … Continued

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In this section you will find all the videos produced as part of the MUSCO Initiative, whether in the form of testimonials, informational videos, presentations or panel discussions. In particular, you will be able to watch several specialists and experts who gathered at the MUSCO Event project to share knowledge about cerebral palsy in 2019 … Continued

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Caroline Marie Fidalgo

How important is MUSCO for families?  Q : Why did you feel motivated to get involved with MUSCO? A : My son was diagnosed in 2016. Because his disease is multisystemic, he is seen regularly by a dizzying number of doctors, specialists and other professionals. At the time we were approached to get involved with … Continued

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Stephanie Gould

To what needs does MUSCO respond? Q : What is your relationship with the families who benefit from MUSCO? A : I am an additional resource for families. Because I am very familiar with the services offered by each partner institution and I work closely with the four sites, I can make the communication and … Continued

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Stefan Parent

How does MUSCO impact collaboration? Q : How does the MUSCO Initiative contribute to overcoming barriers to inter-institutional collaboration? What are some of the winning conditions you have observed? A: Since the launch of the Initiative, we have successfully organized interdisciplinary clinics that bring together specialists from the four participating pediatric centres to provide access … Continued

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Margaret Ruddy

How does MUSCO impact collaboration? Q : How does inter-institutional collaboration affect families’ experience? How has the MUSCO Initiative changed your perspective in this respect? A : Since the start of the MUSCO Initiative, as I participated in different discussions and working groups with our partners, I have noticed that inter-establishment communication has improved significantly. … Continued

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Maryse St-Onge

How does MUSCO impact collaboration? Q : Why is it important to stimulate collaboration between institutions? What is MUSCO’s role in this respect? A : The health professionals at the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre welcome no less than 5,000 children each year from multiple pediatric health institutions within Montreal and the province. Their interventions depend … Continued

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Jacques Boissonneault

How does MUSCO impact collaboration? Q : What are the main benefits associated with an inter-institutional collaboration initiative like MUSCO? Why is it important to work alongside other healthcare institutions? A : The MUSCO Initiative is an important driver of collaborative efforts among pediatric institutions in the Montreal community. It allows us to pool our … Continued

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Claude Pinard

Why MUSCO? Q : What led to the creation of MUSCO? A: Before MUSCO was launched, Mr. and Mrs. Saputo were considering the type of philanthropy they wanted to support. They were trying to think outside the box to increase the impact they could have on patients and families. The Foundation had been approached by … Continued

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Supporting Families

MUSCO is featured on the web platform L’accompagnateur which lists resources available to families This platform is very useful to families looking for information and reference material as they navigate the multitude of local, municipal, provincial and federal resources. It is also something healthcare professionals are encouraged to share with their patients as they strive … Continued

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The goal of many MUSCO projects is to equip families and contributors in order to support them in their journey and partnership efforts. As such, several resources have been developed and identified within the scope of these projects. Find out more about our educational videos, documentary resources and other external resources.

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Emerging Collaborations

In addition to supporting the institutions in their efforts to attain the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of patients and families, MUSCO’s coordination team and its shared resources serve as facilitators, supporting opportunities for dialogue amongst teams and professionnals who wish to develop new collaborations. These emerging collaborations echo the spirit of … Continued

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Impact Study

Why this process? The overall objective of this process was to measure the Initiative’s success in improving care and services. It is a milestone that allows us to report on the changes that MUSCO has already brought about for the families who have benefited from its various projects and for the institutions that have contributed … Continued

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Contact us

Are you a patient or parent of a child who recieves care at MUSCO’s partner establishments? Would you like to get involved in improvement projects? Learn more about the Patient Resource role and join forces with our collaborators! Please feel free to direct any other questions or enquiries to the Initiative’s coordination team.

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MUSCO uses its own vocabulary with regard to family involvement and the nature of the projects that are carried out within the Initiative. The following lexicon can therefore be helpful in clarifying certain concepts. Working Group Team formed specifically to carry out MUSCO projects. Each of the working groups is supervised by a clearly identified … Continued

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MUSCO Strategic Plan

20 project areas to develop over 5 years 3 main focuses Simplify the daily lives of patients and their families by providing direct support and by involving them in discussions aimed at improving their living conditions. Provide patients with access to individualized care and services adapted to their needs by providing the best possible care and services. Enable … Continued

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Why this governance structure? Representation and communication MUSCO brings together four pediatric institutions as part of a multi-stakeholder process that must be aligned in a structured, coherent manner with the Initiative’s objectives. The corresponding governance bodies therefore include representatives of each of the partner institutions, as well as their respective hospital foundations and the Mirella … Continued

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Founding partners

The 7 founding partners that make up the MUSCO Initiative have developed more than 20 projects since its launch in 2019. We are extremely grateful for the contributions of the teams within each of these institutions and foundations. The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation’s mission is to engage the community and support Sainte-Justine in its pursuit of excellence … Continued

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Mission and values

Vision The vision shared by all MUSCO partners is to make a difference in improving the quality of life for children and families living with musculoskeletal disorders requiring complex care. Mission MUSCO’s mission is to transform the care and services provided to children and families. This involves fostering a synergy to improve patient support, treatment … Continued

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All projects

MUSCO-supported projects all have different objectives and different impacts. They can be divided up into five main categories: Supporting Families, Empowering Families, Improving Care and Services (Surgery or Clinical Research), and Equipment and Facilities. Despite their differences, each of these projects aims to achieve the cross-cutting goals described in the Initiative’s Strategic Plan. More than … Continued

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Children with musculoskeletal disorders and who require complex care too often face issues with regard to access and social integration throughout their care journey. 

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